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First You-Tube video; Bob Marley “positive Vibration” playing along on drums   Leave a comment

I ended up getting a really nice drum sound with only 3 mics.  I will post some original music with this setup soon.  I had some subs stacked in that room about 12-16 inches apart.  I set the bass drum facing the space between then so that when I set up the bass drum mics I can add sound absorbent material around it therefore sealing off the bass drum mics from the rest of the kit.  I used a Shure KSM137 and Beta 52 about 4 inches from the resonant head.  The third mic was an Audix SCX25A which I used for oveheads.

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Welcome to our new blog.  We look forward to sharing with you, information about us, what we are doing, and to discuss audio related issues and concepts.  Mic shoot-outs, pre-amp shoot-outs, analog and digital processing shoot-outs, will be common place here, so feel free to subscribe.

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