Just -In !! Government Seeks to prosecute downloaders!!!   1 comment

Government seeking to prosecute dowloaders

This is an abomination!!

First, If they want to pull this crap then they also need to sell licenses instead of a CD or download. You buy the license to own it forever. That way when your CD gets scratched, or your hard drive fails. You still own the rights.

Second, No evidence that it hurts any industry.  There are lots of music that I would like to have and share, but wouldn’t definitely wouldn’t pay money for it.  Most people would just rather not have it.  If people start getting prosecuted for downloading music, bands will be forced to give away their music for free. Many bands are already doing this. In the age of being able to stream music all day (pandora) everyday on your computers and phones, why pay for it when you stream it all day long, with video for free.   This is useless wasted effort on the government’s part. I feel like enough of that is wasted already.

Being a recording engineer and musician, I want bands to have as much money (to record with me) as possible. Fighting the inevitable is useless. If you are a good musician, you’ll make plenty of money from live shows. As for the record companies, nobody cares about you because you screwed musicians for years. no sympathy.

I would like to hear you thoughts on this people. Repost if you agree. Especially if you download.

FYI (I bought over 90% of the music I currently use)


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One response to “Just -In !! Government Seeks to prosecute downloaders!!!

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  1. I also want to point out that many people like myself still buy the vast majority of their music not only to get uncompromised .WAV files, artwork, and not take the risk of getting viruses but also to support bands that I like.

    I would like some input form you guys. What do You think?

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