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Bluewater Sound partners with Tri-Tronics Professional Electronics   Leave a comment

It’s 2011 and Bluewater Sound is relocating to Pittsboro, NC and we have big plans on improving our services.  The two main changes stem from our vision to provide great value in commercial sound system installations, recording and sound system rentals.  Our chief engineer Niels Hempel will be working with Tri-Tronics as a Customer Relationship Manager.  Tri- Tronics has been the most reliable audio/video installation company in North Carolina since it opened in 1961.  Their core competency comes from a commitment to servicing their loyal customers.  Tri-Tronics’s customers (mostly houses of worship) typically have a long record with the company.  Since most technicians that run these systems have limited experience, customers are guided through the design process, troubleshooting, and making plans for the future.  This commitment to understanding the needs and training end users to operate these systems have customer’s continually coming back for more.  Niels will be working with existing customers and new ones to make sure that every system is optimized.

Also… Our recording services will specialize in location recording and mixing.  We see a great opportunity in recording live events, especially music concerts.  As recording technology has been rapidly changing fantastic equipment has enabled engineers to get studio quality sound from mobile packages.  Studio recordings will always come out but people might prefer to buy THE actual event that they went to.  Music is all about evoking emotions for people, and we think that not only are musicians more “in their element” on stage, but the audience might also have a special relationship with that event.  Given the opportunity to “re-experince” the event, at a reasonable cost, most people would take it, so we think this will be a marketable service.

Our mixing and mastering will be done at the new location in Pittsboro, but our engineers will continue to do tracking and recording services at varioous studios in North Carolina.  To meet our quality standards and needs of clients we think the cost to design a tracking facility would decrease the value of our services.  In order to get the best bang for the buck, recording musicians will be consulted to find the best “room” to fit their sound, and our engineer (who gets a discounted rate for using the rooms) track at that location and mix at our specialized mixing facility.  This way the musicians get the sound they want at a price thats affordable.